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Despite the dire employment conditions of higher education, young people continue to enrol in graduate school. Detractors roll their eyes: Why would a young person spend years earning a degree of questionable value? Why not “go get a job”? To which the 20-something laughs, having graduated into an economy where peers spend years vainly looking for a job, finding only unpaid internships or low-wage contingency labour, often while living at home. A funded graduate programme, with health insurance, seems a welcome escape.

"But it is not just about your current earnings," the detractor continues, "It is about the wages you lose while in the programme." To which the 30-something, having spent their adult life in an economy of stagnant wages and eroding opportunities, takes the 20-something aside, and explains that this is a maxim they, too, were told, but from which they never benefitted. They tell the 20-something what they already know: It is hard to plan for what is already gone.

We live in the tunnel at the end of the light.

This is a few months old, but this sequence jumped out. Read rest here. (via Paul)
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Too many young women I think are harder on themselves than circumstances warrant. They are too often selling themselves short. They too often take criticism personally instead of seriously. You should take criticism seriously because you might learn something, but you can’t let it crush you. You have to be resilient enough to keep moving forward, whatever the personal setbacks and even insults that come your way might be. That takes a sense of humor about yourself and others. Believe me, this is hard-won advice I’m putting forth. It’s not like you wake up and understand this. It’s a process.
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Me: oh thats cute
*checks price tag*
Me: no its not
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I twittered about this earlier, but sometimes it feels as though talking about misogyny in this industry is like dealing with Groundhog Day: there seems to be a continuous reset, a collective male amnesia around the issue. As if, when a woman speaks out, it’s for the first time and everyone is shocked. Just shocked, I tell you. Sexism exists? OH MY GOD.
Veteran writer Marjorie Liu on sexual harassment/misogny in the comics industry—and the collective amnesia that hits much of the industry every time the topic ever gets broached. (via robot6)
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Orlando Bloom shared New York apartment with Sir Ian McKellen

The Pirates of the Caribbean star lived in the city while starring in Romeo and Juliet last year (13).

Director Peter Jackson let him stay in his apartment, and the actor shared it with his Lord of the Rings co-star McKellen, who was also working on Broadway at the time.

Bloom says, “There were two parts (to the apartment). Ian was in the big one and I was in the small one, and we were doing Broadway, so we’d get home at the end of the night and have a drink and a debrief, catch-up. It was amazing.”

photo taken from when they appeared together on ‘Watch What Happens Live’ … Bravotv [last year]

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ack, can’t get the photo to show up properly, why is that?

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kevinjonas: new dad fun

For my Canadians

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My mum just referred to Steve Rogers as Mr. America


*applause for perfect use of gif*

ah yes, captain mr. america

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If anyone ever asks you what a commentator means by “attacking the beam”, show them this

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